We work hard on getting things done but at the end of the day, we sure do know how to enjoy ourselves and play hard! Dataplugs often arranges company lunch and dinner with  team members because we truly appreciate and value their contribution to the company. It is also a great way for staffs to interact with one another and discuss on how we can improve better on customer service and technical support. Our goal is to make their jobs more enjoyable under a fun hard working environment.

我們努力工作,但工作過後,我們當然要享受生活及玩樂! Dataplugs經常給同事們安排午餐和晚餐聚會,因為我們衷心欣賞和重視他們對公司的貢獻,這也是同事們互相交流的好方法,使他們能在一個有趣味的工作環境下更愉快,努力地工作。

This week, we decided to BBQ the night away. This place was packed with friendly people and weather was just perfect. We just kept eating and eating!



Dataplugs is one of the leading hosting solution providers in Asia. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we are able to deliver enterprise level hosting services to businesses of all sizes around the world. We continuously develop and integrate the best technologies in order to deliver solutions that meet our customer needs.

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