3-In-1 Hybrid Bandwidth on Board

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In order to effectively promote the data interconnection between the local business and the international business of the enterprise. Today, Dataplugs is pleased to announce the launch of 3-In-1 Hybrid Bandwidth Network Solution.

Supported by a unique network structure, our 3-in-1 hybrid bandwidth dedicated server gives you access to dedicated direct China, international and HKIX bandwidth at the same time. The triple-bandwidth server solution helps companies connect globally and improve target customers’ visiting experiences all over the world.

* All hybrid bandwidth dedicated server comes with 2IPs, 100Mbps Hybrid Bandwidth
(Max. 10Mbps Dedicated Direct China and Max. 100Mbps Dedicated International Bandwidth and Hong Kong Local Bandwidth) and unmetered traffic.

If you have any questions about 3-In-1 Hybrid Bandwidth,feel free to contact us by phone +852 3959 1888 or email sales@dataplugs.com.