7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hong Kong Data Centers as Your Gateway to Mainland China

China is a fast growing market that provides endless business opportunities. Many foreign businesses start switching their eyes onto China market. They strive to establish online presence in China but soon find out the difficulties of getting ICP license, which is regulated by the Chinese government and only available to China registered businesses. While hosting websites in China seems impossible, the best alternative is to host the websites in Hong Kong data center. In this article, we will dig in deeper and explain why you should choose Hong Kong data centers as the gateway to Mainland China.

  1.  Free Flow of Information
    Hong Kong’s main advantages over Mainland China are its free flow of information with no censorship of content and adequate protection of data privacy. Hong Kong is a free and open society that upholds the freedom of speech, the press and publication. No ICP license is required for establishing online presence. The government does not interfere with data center operations or censored content. Data centers can operate in a conducive and trustworthy environment.
  2. Proximity to the Mainland China
    Location is the key for data centers. You need to get close to your target customers to reduce as much latency as possible. Hong Kong is adjacent to the Mainland China. Its close proximity to China allows it to link up with China’s telecommunication infrastructure much better than other competing countries. This makes Hong Kong the perfect stepping-stone for multi-national corporations looking to enter the China market.
  3. Robust Telecommunications Infrastructure
    Hong Kong has one of the world’s most sophisticated and advanced telecommunications infrastructure that provides effective coverage for both Mainland China and international regions. It is the hub of many cables and satellite links. As of May 2018, Hong Kong has eleven submarine cable systems, overland cable systems connected to four telecommunications operators in the Mainland, and operates eleven satellites for external communications. Average network latency between Hong Kong and Mainland China is less than 50ms with high-speed and low-latency transit service provided by China Telecom’s CN2. A wide range of internet service providers and data center operators are also available to provide innovative and advanced services at low cost.
  4. Reliable Power Supply
    To keep your servers up and running 24/7, data centers need stable and adequate electricity supply as well as good backup power. The reliability level of Hong Kong electricity power supply is supreme, which currently exceeds 99.999%. The two power companies in Hong Kong rely on different fuels of power generation with extra capacity and robustness of supply, as well as emergency support to each other during generator failure. The average duration of unplanned power interruptions per year per customer in Hong Kong was less than 3 minutes over the past few years. Minor electrical disturbances rarely occur, not to mention large-scale blackouts.
  5. Low Risk of Natural Disasters
    Hong Kong rarely suffers from major natural disasters like earthquakes, flooding or severe typhoons. Most of the earthquake epicenters that cause felt tremors in Hong Kong are situated outside the territory, and no locally felt earth tremor has ever caused any casualty since records began. Your data stored in Hong Kong data center will face a low risk of natural disasters.
  6. Pro-Business Environment
    Hong Kong is one of the world’s freest economies, characterized by free trade, a free market system, free flow of capital, simple and predictable tax regime and low tax rate. There is no general screening of foreign investment, and in most cases, foreign investors can maintain 100 percent ownership. With easy-to-set up cross-border solutions and high performing connectivity, Hong Kong is an ideal gateway for foreign corporations to enter China market.
  7. ICT Talent
    Hong Kong has a large pool of mobile, agile, skilled and multi-lingual ICT professionals. Many of them can speak fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Foreign corporations which need to seek help from local can overcome communication barrier easily.

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