• Website Statistics

    The AWStats analysis tool allows you to check the traffic on your website, view your site’s performance and the number of visitors that has visited your website, view content hits, track errors, bandwidth usage and more.

  • Security

    Protect your server with cPanel’s effective security tools. cPanel gives you the option to secure your server by blocking unwanted visitors, files, preventing certain IP addresses or domain names from accessing your website. You can also manage SSL/TLS keys and connect your server to a remote system using SSH.

  • Advanced FTP

    You can easily manage your files with cPanel’s Internal File Manager or simply set up FTP accounts to access third party FTP programs to your server files.

  • Email Administration

    This feature allows you to create mail forward and create multiple email addresses, get easy access to your webmail, and obtain information on how to setup emails on Outlook and Thunderbird.

  • Database Administration

    You can easily build applications or install multiple platforms through cPanel. Creating, managing, and deleting database lets you run the latest software such as WordPress, Joomla, or Prestashop.

  • Advanced cPanel

    Advanced cPanel offers additional features such as controlling your MX entries, managing your domains, checking the server status, setting up CRON jobs and etc. cPanel gives you added control on your VPS or dedicated server.