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Dataplugs partnership with Superloop allows our team to create and deploy fast, reliable and secure tailored connectivity solutions

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Dark Fibre

Superloop Dark Fibre is the premier solution to achieve network performance, diversity and security in addition of giving to the customer a complete control. Owner of his own optical fibre network, Superloop connects customers with geographic diversity with quality control and testing before service completion. All services are direct point-to-point with no patching or interconnect at a central office or exchange for ensuring security and performance. Dataplugs strong partnership with Superloop allows you to take advantage of both expertize and to maximize the knowledge of both companies for ensuring the best connectivity performance.

Hong Kong TKO Express

TKO Express is the first domestic submarine cable to directly link Chai Wan and Tseung Kwan O Science and Technology Park in Hong Kong. This technology can benefit to businesses for capitalizing on the shortest, low-latency, fully geographically diverse route between Hong Kong Island and the New Territories’ emerging technology hub. TKO Express delivers minimal network outages and high speed data flows for businesses in need and the partnership and synergy built with Dataplugs will benefit to the end user, the fastest and the best navigation experience.

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Metro Ethernet Access

For facing the bandwidth growing demand, Superloop provides the ability to interconnect between enterprises buildings and data centers thanks to the Metro Ethernet Access solution. This service offers low latency, high capacity networks between offices and redundant service. Dataplugs can offer you to experience this interconnection and to take advantage of the expertise of both companies.

Ethernet Backhaul

Superloop’s Ethernet Backhaul provides a reliable network service to help users for delivering growing bandwidth demand between data centers and between data centers and cable landing stations. This Ethernet Backhaul supplies low latency, rapid provisioning and bandwidth upgrades. Dataplugs and Superloop partnership guarantees to customer, flexibility, high speed performance network, scalable bandwidth options and offers several expansion options with rapid provisioning and secured network including 24/7 support.


Because of the increasing pressure of the carrier and content provider for deploying and supplying more bandwidth, Superloop’s Wavelenght solution provides the ability to interconnect between a number of cable landing stations and data centers. This high capacity and reliable transport between key locations offers dedicated bandwidth resource, the cross-connection process with submarine cable provider as well as rapid provisioning. Dataplugs collaborates with Superloop in the goal to offer this unique service which benefits to the end user as well as yourself.

Dark Fibre

•Dedicated optical fibre cores
•Geographic diversity
•Diverse entry at each site where available
•Support Wavelength Division Multiplexing
•Quality control and testing before service completion
•Single contract for a “Superloop” solution
•For security and performance, all services are direct point-to-point with no patching or interconnect at a central office or exchange

Metro Ethernet Access

• Extension of Data Centre Fabrics and Cloud interconnections of your enterprise
• High capacity networks between offices
• Designed for low latency applications
• Dark Fibre / security connection from customer office to core network
• Untagged, single class of service per EVC
• Diverse path from redundant service

Ethernet Backhaul

• Carrier grade
• Untagged, single class of service
• Rapid provisioning for on-net locations
• Rapid bandwidth upgrades
• Low latency
• Built on Superloop dark fibre, with diverse path
• Every location is connected by N×40G or N×100G


• Diverse physical wavelength paths available for endpoint pairs
• Dedicated bandwidth resource
• True SDH or Ethernet Solution
• Provide connectivity to submarine capacity in Cable Landing Stations
• Management of cross connect process with submarine cable provider on your behalf
• Rapid provisioning for enabled paths
• Reduced complexity, simple optics choice