WebHost Manager (WHM)

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WHM account

Fully control your servers with WebHost Manager

WebHost Manager gives administrative control of a dedicated server or VPS. With WHM, users can create individual accounts, add domains and manage all the hosting accounts. Basically, a WHM account can manage multiple cPanel accounts.

Hosting packages can be created and configured with the choice of disk space quota, available SQL databases, custom domain setup and more for each specific package on WebHost Manager. Another nice feature of WHM is the possibility to setup custom cPanel branding for your hosting company.

WHM has two server administration levels:

Reseller rights

These settings allow the server administrator to restrict rights and can offer a subcategory of features depending on the service level that the user is paying for.

Full server management rights

With these settings, the administrator has total control of the entire set of WHM features.

WHM features

Through server management tasks automation, WHM saves you money and time and keep your clients happy enjoying the following features:


User Accounts Management

Allows the creation and control of user accounts; create pricing levels and helps your customers to manage their sites efficiently. WHM can transform your dedicated or VPS into a possible business opportunity.



Receive detailed updates and analytics on your server.


Server Configuration and Monitoring

Check the resources usage, configure automatons, detect log file issues and protect your server from third-party attacks with WHM server monitoring tools and follow up on your servers at any time of the day.

Branding and Personalization

Integrate your own images, colors, and custom branding assets. It also gives you the ability to customize your hosting and control panel through comprehensive branding.

WHM also offers you a set of tools to easily carry out the following:

  • Create / delete and suspend your cPanel accounts
  • Check and adjust all of DNS zones in your domains
  • Possibility to create a custom default page when a new account has been created
  • Adjust your user names and client domain names
  • Manage all cPanel on the account and access / adjust anything that does not need SQL access
  • Check and change disk space and bandwidth (adjusting and upgrading bandwidth can reduce cost)

Transfers and backups

While transferring data between cPanel-installed servers, you can create a smooth experience through the automatic backups for all data. With WHM, you never have to worry about lost information.

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