Dataplugs brings you awesome offer in Mid-Autumn festival.

Mid-Autumn festival is originally a harvest festival in which ancient Chinese celebrated for their hard works being paid off. Nowadays, it marks the beginning of high-volume traffic season for many businesses. The revenue earned during the high season may account of a very large part of their annual income. It is the online business opportunity you cannot afford to miss. Dataplugs understand how important the coming high season is for your online business. To help you get ready for the high season, we are offering free upgrade to 50Mbps dedicated international bandwidth when you rent any dedicated server from 11 September, 2017 to 6 October, 2017 (10Mbps as standard normally). Rent a high performance server and gear up for the high-volume traffic season now!

How to get prepared for high-volume traffic season

  1. Speed up website loadings with increased bandwidth Internet users are impatient. They abandon a web page if it takes a few tens of seconds to load. In order to keep overseas visitors to stay on your web pages, higher international bandwidth is crucial. Rent a new server and get 5 times more international bandwidth for free now. It will significantly speed up the loading time, reducing bounce and eventually increase conversion.We offer DEDICATED international bandwidth. So, you never need to worry about sharing bandwidth with others.
  2. Avoid unexpected charges with unmetered traffic Many times, website traffic surges up unexpectedly during high season. You might have ended up paying extra bandwidth for the unexpected traffic. With Dataplugs, you will never have this problem as we offer unmetered traffic for our dedicated servers.
  3. Optimize website with high performance server You should choose your server based on your website traffic and number of transactions. Dataplugs offers a variety of servers ranging from 2 cores to 44 cores CPU with high scalability. Call us +852 3959 1888 anytime. Our hosting experts will be happy to help you customize the server that suits your needs.

Discover our server plans in details. Order on/before the 6th October, 2017 and save up to HKD $16,000 per month. Extra discounts are offered starting from 3-month subscription.

Our Tier 3+ data centers are located in Hong Kong, at the heart of Asia Pacific region. Our network is built from the best in class networking infrastructure, hardware and software. We have multiple 10Gbps connections with a total capacity of 100Gbps. 99.9% uptime guaranteed. Click here to find out more about our network and data centers.

Work with Dataplugs and enjoy good harvest years!