Dedicated Server for Gaming – Pros & Cons

While playing even the most popular multiplayer games nowadays, I am sure that you will still come across low performance issues for instance lagging, slow loading times, server down, crashes, lost save files and dropped games. These issues are like nightmares to gamers, the most demanding users that do not accept latency or downtime.


 With the continuous demand for faster CPUs, network bandwidth or more RAM in order to achieve the perfect gaming environment, some farsighted gamers have taken the multiplayer gaming experience to the next level. Dedicated servers for gaming are currently the best solutions in the gaming communities to offer a much steadier and worry-free gaming experience. Read on to learn more about Dedicated Server for Gaming, what is it, how it works and also the Pros & Cons.


 Some multiplayer online games require players to be the host at the same time. If the host uses a weak computer and bad internet connection, all participating players will experience lagging and slow loading times. With only limited processing power and memory storage, this weak computer is not capable to handle the heavy workloads of being as a host and player at the same time. Hence, the gaming performance will eventually deteriorate drastically. Luckily, a dedicated server could solve the problems because it only needs to handle duties as a host. Equipped with enterprise level CPU and memory storage capabilities, it has the abilities to provide a stable and fast connection to host your favourite multiplayer online games with no lag, crashes or glitches.


Pros of Dedicated Gaming Servers

  • Lag free & stable gaming performance: with enterprise graded hardware and high speed network, dedicated gaming server can ensure you a lag free and buttery smooth gaming experience
  • Worry-free of server down: professional data center offers 24/7 server monitoring & technical support and redundant power supply ensuring your favourite game is always up and available. You will not have to worry about overheating as well. No matter how long you play, data centers have advanced cooling systems to ensure the hardware can handle the workload
  • Tailor-made performance to suit your needs: you can choose the ideal processor, amount of RAM, bandwidth speeds to optimise the gaming experience according to your needs and requirements. You can also decide who can enter the game, make the server public / private or even create an online platform for team modes
  • High security levels: the gaming servers only run the video games and the server itself does not have any other applications installed, sensitive information or emails, thus minimising the chance of a cyber-attack. The admin is the only one who can determine who can enter the device and hosting providers are heavily shielded with cybersecurity.



Cons of Dedicated Gaming Servers

The difficulties of setting up the server at your home:

  • Complicated setup process: setting up a dedicated gaming server needs strong technical skills not everyone has and it can be time-consuming
  • Maintenance checks: you will have to perform regular maintenance check for the hardware and software which can be annoying for gamers
  • High cost: dedicated server initial setup fee involves enterprise grading hardware equipment which will be costly. You will also have to take into account high electricity bills if you plan to set your server public

However, you can pay a monthly fee to get away from all these troubles if you decide to subscribe the dedicated server from us. All of our servers are hosted in Hong Kong Tier3+ standard data center. Be sure to come and check out our special 1Gbps Dedicated Server package. It is fully customizable and you can enjoy 1Gbps dedicated international bandwidth with unmetered traffic to create the most ideal gaming environment tailored to your needs. Feel free to call us at +852 3959 1888 or email to to learn more about our dedicated server plans.