Why Dedicated Server Matters to Your Business

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a type of physical server that is entirely used by an individual, organization or application. It is deployed, hosted and managed by a hosting service provider. A dedicated server may be used to host websites, applications and/or services, as well as for data storage and backup services.

When Do You Need a Dedicated Server

High Volumes of Traffic: If you are running a website and expecting high volumes of traffic consistently (six figures to millions of visitors), you should opt for a dedicated server. High volumes of traffic on a site without the proper infrastructure to handle it can definitely cause slowdowns. Numerous studies have shown that website speed significantly impacts conversions – a one second delay in web page time equals a 7% reduction in conversions, 11% fewer page views and 16% reduction in customer satisfaction. In order to avoid losses due to slowdowns or even downtime, it is vital to opt for a reliable and secure environment to run the site and choose a dedicated server.

Your Business Needs Exceptional Hosting Features: If you need special hosting features such as extra backup, additional redundancy, server software, and high server specifications, a dedicated server is the best bet as ordinary hosting servers might not be able to offer such features. Since dedicated servers are exclusively designed for individual business, such advanced features can easily be incorporated.

You Have an Exceptionally “Heavy” Site: If you have a feature rich site that has specialized functionality (e.g. you are constantly pulling in raw financial data and presenting it live) or if your site has some serious server-side programming going on (complicated PHP), you may need a dedicated server to ensure visitors have a smooth experience on your site and do not see stuttering when trying to load pages.

E-commerce will probably be the most typical use case about going dedicated. Some more specialized types of sites that would benefit from a dedicated server include social networks and high trafficked content delivery sites (such as Buzzfeed and the like). So, if you are looking to create a social empire, you may want your own server.

Benefits of Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are more expensive than shared hosting accounts. However, there are loads of advantages dedicated servers can provide.

Customize the server experience

You can use a dedicated server for a huge range of practical and beneficial purposes. Since you have complete control over your dedicated server, you can decide whether to create virtual machines, manage the sending and receipt of emails, and/or back up remote files and documents, etc.

You can also add unique and highly customizable server hardware, as well as software, that you would not be able to install on a shared server. Settings can be tweaked and optimized as per your needs at any point of time.

Better performance

In a shared environment, the processing power gets distributed between other tenants. Traffic and usage levels of other websites or applications hosted on the same server will compete for bandwidth, disk space and CPU usage directly with you, eventually slowing down your websites or applications.

However, in a dedicated hosting environment, you will get the processing power you have opted for solely for running your applications. Server congestion is much less of an issue with a dedicated server.

Enhanced Security

In a dedicated hosting environment, you do not share a server and operating system with other tenants. You can avoid security vulnerabilities that can otherwise be introduced by the activities of neighboring clients on shared hosting platforms. You are able to deploy security measures, such as anti-virus and firewall configurations, that are more tailored to your own functions. In addition, dedicated servers located within data centers can benefit from the physical security measures provided by the hosting provider such as surveillance cameras, biometric access control system, 24×7 patrolling, etc.

Dedicated IP address

In shared hosting, IP address is shared with multiple other websites. If one of them is a span site or an adult site, you could have your websites’ rank being pushed down. There will be potential loss to your business. With dedicated hosting, you will have your own dedicated IP address. You can apply SSL certification to ensure safe transmission of sensitive data between a web browser and your web server. With SSL certification, your visitors are more likely to trust your websites and stay longer.

Managed Services

If your company need a dedicated server, but you do not have time or resources to manage a server yourself, dedicated hosting is a low-cost way to access the resources of a full server. A dedicated hosting provider handles everything from building to maintaining the server equipment. It will allow you to choose specific CPU speeds, disk space requirements and other hardware components. By choosing only the hardware you need, you can maximize your return-on-investment. You can also save the hassle to purchase and maintain a server in-house, freeing up your IT staff to focus on more strategic issues like developing new applications for supporting the growing business.

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