Dedicated Servers International Bandwidth Upgrade

Dataplugs is fully dedicated to the success of our customers. To facilitate our customers to exploit new business opportunities worldwide, we are pleased to announce that all dedicated servers subscribed from 23 Nov, 2017 can enjoy free upgrade to 30Mbps dedicated international bandwidth now.

With higher international bandwidth, Dataplugs customers are able to provide international visitors a quicker access to their websites / applications, enhancing both website performance and user experience without additional cost!

Higher international bandwidth also allows websites to accommodate more simultaneous visitors, improving website profitability. More applications are allowed to run at one time and thus maximize productivity.

Dataplugs strives to provide high quality products at competitive prices to businesses of all sizes worldwide. We offer a variety of affordable iCore and PowerEdge dedicated servers, ranging from 4 cores to 44 cores, to cater to the needs of different business sizes and budgets. Our Tier 3+ data center and BGP network delivers high performance connectivity, consistent level of redundancy, reliability, quality and scalability. We guarantee 99.9% network uptime and provide 24/7 support.

Subscribe our dedicated server and take advantage of 30Mbps dedicated international bandwidth today!

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