Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about our dedicated servers and subscription service. If you don’t find the answers to your questions below, you are most welcome to contact us.

  • How to choose the right server?

    It is recommended to choose your server based on your hardware configuration requirements. Factors you may consider include CPU computing speed, RAM, hard disk capacity, RAID type, and network traffic.

  • Do I need a dedicated IP address for each website I host?

    No, not always. The domain name can either point to a dedicated or a shared IP address depending on the customer’s business needs. Shared IP address means that multiple domain names share the same IP address.

    With a dedicated IP address, a website can be accessed either by entering its URL or its IP address. Consumers can purchase additional IP addresses, with each dedicated IP address costing HKD$50 per month.

  • Do you provide backup service?

    Our apology that we do not provide backup service at no charge. We recommend our clients to make backups for all data. If you would like to subscribe to this service, please contact our sales team for information on this matter.

  • Can I upgrade my server?

    You can easily upgrade your current server to the higher plan by simply call our sales team.

  • How much bandwidth is included with each servers?

    All Dataplugs dedicated servers come with 100Mbps Hong Kong and dedicated international bandwidth by default. We also provide a “3-in-1 hybrid bandwidth” option (which includes CN2 Direct China bandwidth). Customers can choose the bandwidth configuration according to their needs.

    iCore series servers can enjoy free upgrade to 50Mbps 3-in-1 hybrid bandwidth (5Mbps CN2 Direct China bandwidth guaranteed) while PowerEdge series servers can enjoy free upgrade to 100Mbps 3-in-1 hybrid bandwidth (10Mbps CN2 Direct China bandwidth guaranteed).

  • Can I set up an intranet if I subscribe to multiple servers?

    Yes. You can set up an intranet by purchasing an additional network interface card for each server. It costs HKD$150/month for each server.

  • Do I get full control over my server?

    Yes. The server’s SSH or RDP remote login information will be sent to the user after we install the basic operating system. Users can freely configure the server and utilize all of its resources exclusively.

  • What is the duration of the dedicated server plan?

    Our dedicated server services can be subscribed on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. If you would like a different plan, please contact our sales team for more information on this matter.

  • How to get the dedicated server plan started?

    You can subscribe our dedicated server service by placing an order on our website. We offer a 3-day FREE trial for our new clients. Please click HERE for details.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, American Express, Discover, PayPal, cheque, bank transfer, PPS, Bitcoin and USDT.

  • How do I cancel service?

    It can be done online by emailing us with your site name and the word cancel in the message. Your service will be cancelled afterwards and you will receive a cancellation notice.

  • Have more questions?

    Our 24/7 support team will be more than happy to assist you. You may contact us via live chat, ticketing, email, or by phone.

• Restrictions apply to all plans. Click here for product disclaimers and legal policies.

• 3-Day Free Trial: Click here for details.