Global Semiconductor Market Hit a Record High in 2021

Industry News

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has revealed the size of the global semiconductor market in 2021, stating that the market shipped 1.15 trillion units last year, with a transaction value of US$555.9 billion. It increased by 26.2% compared to 2020 and broke the historical record.


According to John Neuffer, chairman of SIA, due to the global shortage of chips, the global semiconductor industry increased production capacity aggressively last year to meet the continuous high market demand, so that both shipments and transaction amounts hit a record high. It is predicted that the market demand for semiconductor production will continue to grow in the coming years since fundamental technology requires chips today and in the future. 


China is the world’s largest individual semiconductor market, with sales of US$192.5 billion in 2021, up 27.1% from the previous year. Logic chips are the most popular semiconductor category, with sales totaling US$154.8 billion. Memory came in second with a value of US$153.8 billion. Analog chips, which are commonly used in automobiles, consumer products, and computers, had the most significant increase, with sales of 74 billion US dollars, up 33.1%.


The US Department of Commerce, on the other hand, released a global semiconductor supply and demand report, stating that Legacy Logic Chips, Analog Chips, and Optoelectronics Chips have the biggest supply and demand imbalance.