How to configure SpamAssassin in cPanel

    1. Log in to your cPanel and navigate to Email section.
      Click on the Spam Filters menu:
    1. By default, email messages with the score 5 are considered to be spam. However, it is possible to adjust the filter according to your needs. The spam threshold can be configured using the Spam Threshold Score option.

      A lower score is more restrictive. For example, an auto-deletion score of 1 is very aggressive and deletes many messages. An auto-deletion score of 10 is more permissive and allows more messages through without deleting them.

    1. Auto-Delete Spam feature

      The Auto-Delete option automatically removes the emails which meet or exceed the spam score set. In order to set it, navigate to Automatically Delete New Spam (Auto-Delete) widget and toggle it on.
      You can set the required score using Auto-Delete Threshold Score or Configure Auto-Delete Settings.

      (The Auto-Delete Threshold Score does not affect the Spam Threshold Score.)

    1. Whitelist / Blacklist

      It is possible to add some email addresses or domains to whitelist/blacklist using the Whitelist (Emails Always Allowed) and Blacklist (Emails Never Allowed) options.

    1. In the “blacklist_from” text boxes, you can specify e-mail addresses that are known spammers.

    1. In the “whitelist_from” text boxes, you can specify e-mail addresses that are trusted senders.

    1. To save the new configuration, click Save.