Stage a website with Softaculous and cPanel

Before create a Staging website, please create a either a subdomain or addon domain first.
To create  subdomain or addon domain, please refer to :
And also please backup your site:

  • Create Staging Site
    1. Login to cPanel then click Softaculous.

    1. Click All Installations  at the right top corner.

    1. Click the Create Staging icon for the selected installation that needs the staging site.

    1. Complete the staging installation details:
      Choose ProtocolChoose Domain.
      (this would be the staging subdomain/Addon domain you’ve previously created)

  • Push to live
    1. Click All Installations  at the right top corner.

    1. Click on the Push to Live icon next to the corresponding staging site you wish to push to live.

    1. Click Push to Live icon.

      Default Push: The Default Options tab is selected by default. This option will  replace all of the files of your existing live installation with the as-is files in the staging installation. Additionally, the existing live database will be erased and the database from your staging installation will be imported:

      Custom Push: To create a custom push, click the Customize tab. On the Customize tab you can select to Push the Files, push Full Database changes (which includes structure changes as well as rows in the tables,) only push some of the Database Structure Changes, or push only Data Changes in Tables. This option is useful when you are working with a sample database, or if portions of the live site have been also been updated at the same time as the staging site: