Make good use of innovation and technology, Dataplugs helps you to develop distance business

Dataplugs has been listed* in IT Service Providers Reference List of D-Biz Programme. We are here to help enterprises to apply for the government’s funding up to HKD 300,000.  

Chinese Name:多線通有限公司

English Name:Dataplugs Limited

Reference Code:SP-605-194

*Details from(

And we are able to provide the following 4 types of IT solutions in order to help enterprises to apply for government funding, which up to HKD 300,000.


Online Business

• Online Store • Self-Service Order Platform • Online Payment Tool

Utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce to customize an E-Commerce platform with activating online payment tools. You can achieve item management and promotion activity through a self-managed platform.

Remote document management, cloud storage and remote access services

• HDD Storage Server • Enterprise Level SSD Storage Server • Customized Storage Solution

Allow employees to access company information, data, and login systems through secure and encrypted distance control.

Cybersecurity solutions

• SSL Certificate • Firewall Protection • Anti-DDOS Solution

Enhance the cybersecurity of the company in software, hardware and service protection level

Other online / custom-built / cloud-based business support systems

• Dedicated Customized Solution

Tailor-made solutions to support the adoption of the enterprise ’s planned goals to conduct and continue distance business.


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