New Servers with Intel Xeon E3 6th Generation CPU On Board!

Looking for more options of affordable and high performance dedicated server? Here is the good news! There are 2 new servers joining our PowerEdge server series, XPower4Lite and XPower4Pro, providing you more solutions for multiple business purposes.

XPower4Lite and XPower4Pro servers are built with the Intel Xeon E3-1220 V6 CPU and Intel Xeon E3-1270 V6 CPU, which are based on Kaby Lake microarchitecture. Both of them are 4 cores. E3-1220 V6 has 4 threads while E3-1270 V6 has 8 threads. E3-1220 V6 operates at 3.0 GHz/3.5 GHz and E3-1270 V6 operates at 3.8 GHz/4.2 GHz. Both servers are suitable for your enterprise to accomplish wide range of business goals. You can also configure the server with add-on services to meet specific requirements. All server plans include highly stabilized networking, exceptional bandwidth, high speed and fully redundant connectivity.

We guarantee you 99.9% Network uptime, 24/7 technical support and monitoring, and no setup cost is needed. Click here to learn more details or contact our 24/7 expert team at +852 3959 1888 for professional consultation.