Coronavirus Notification: Dataplugs’ Home Office Arrangement

Facing with the outbreak of coronavirus, next one or two week are the most critical moment for prevention. Therefore, a small number of enterprises have begun the implementation of telecommuting for a week or even longer. Measures have been applied to minimize contact between individuals, which can effectively prevent the spread of coronvirus and allow both employees and employers to protect themselves. Taking Dataplugs in Hong Kong as an example, in order to fulfill the service level agreement and ensure our colleagues’ health, all employees in office have been informed about the implementation of Home Office arrangement this week. Front-line technical support staff will continue to work with shifts to provide 24/7 technical support to our clients as usual.

Telecommuting is not as difficult as you thought. The challenges can be caused by uncontrollable conditions, which include the status of employees, the progress of work, and team communication collaboration. To some extent, this will cause problems in daily business operations during the period of Home Office. So, how to have an efficient Home Office strategy?

A suitable and efficient Home Office solution can help you. In addition to enabling employees to work remotely from home, they can also establish an efficient and stable remote connection to ensure security. There are many well-known software, so I won’t go through them one by one, but demand of Home Office for different companies are not identical, and a adaptable software also needs a suitable implementation plan to be surely implemented. Therefore, if any suggestions are needed, you are welcome to contact Dataplugs at any time for inquiries.

Dataplugs understands that Home Office strategy needs to be planned in advance, such as hardware, software, and network infrastructure construction. The development of the epidemic situation is difficult to predict, and the losses caused are also difficult to estimate. Many companies may be more cautious about purchasing the above hardware and software, so if you need a short-term rental plan, you can contact Dataplugs sales representative for further consultation.