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HDD or faster SSD, Dataplugs can provide you limitless backup and storage solutions. Highly efficient and cost-effective, our storage solutions support hybrid or all flash / HDD storage all connected through Fibre Channel. Our drives are made for being read and written intensively for a high server responsiveness. Anticipate and increase the storage capacity for avoiding any website or app issue due to your business growth and keep your business running smoothly and carefree. Flexible, scalable and highly available with 99.9% uptime guarantee, our storage and backup solutions are powerful and fully redundant for business critical applications. Thanks to Dataplugs backup and storage solutions, increase the competitiveness of your business that you are a SME or a larger enterprise.

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What is a SAN?

Backup databases, media libraries, highly used file servers, email servers with Dataplugs SAN solution.

SAN for Storage Area Network, is a group of disks seen as a local and unique volume by the web or servers linked to. Data is unified and SAN system is faster for intensive storage because it’s seen as a local storage volume and connects directly to your servers using extremely fast and low latency connections. SAN provides more scalability and performance and Dataplugs’ team have the knowledge for correctly configure and maintain SANs.

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Just a Bunch of Disks, individual volumes / drives or can be connected or spanned, to form a single logical volume. Partitioning chops single drives into smaller logical volumes, JBOD concept combines drives into larger logical volumes. JBOD avoid drives waste and might be easier to recover in case of disaster. Thanks to its architecture, JBOD is cost effective and affordable and suits to any business which needs a high volume of storage and easy to implement at lower costs.

R1Soft Backup Service

Powerful backup solution

Increase storage efficiency and keep your data secured with R1Soft backup service. R1Soft store unique disk blocks only once across all recovery points which increase the storage efficiency.

R1Soft is the solution to high performance server backup with an intuitive interface and can be integrated to cPanel and Plesk control panels. Our storage and backup services are complementary and are designed for working more efficiently together. Reach us and tell us your requirements, Dataplugs experts will customize your package following your company needs.

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