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Protect Against DDoS Attack

Dataplugs’s DDoS protection plans protects against the most challenging distributed denial of service attacks. We use spectral analysis to identify DDoS attacks to provide possible solutions to counter the attack flow to better protect your online services. Dataplugs is capable of mitigating IP attacks. Any traffic that is not legitimate is 99% denied access. Dataplugs DDoS protection service ensures full service connectivity and availability to avoid degrading the delivery of legitimate traffic. Dataplugs prevents downtime and ensures availability for domain resolution.

Dataplugs provide 2 different protection services for client

Always-On Protection Plan

Our Always-on protection plan monitors your traffic 24/7 and redirects traffic to our cleaning center to ensure the best possible user experience. The always-on protection plan allows a higher level of protection with a dedicated connection for reliability and security. When DDoS attack has been detected, the always-on protection takes immediate action and performs continuous monitoring leaving no risk of unavailability. We assure that your IP will never be blocked in case of a DDoS attack. Customers will be provided with /29 IP and will be given the option to purchase /24 IP.

On-Demand Protection Plan

Our On-Demand protection plan monitors unusual traffic 24/7. Traffic will be redirected as usual to our servers. In case of a DDoS attack, our technical support team will notify our customers. Legitimate traffic will be forwarded on after it has been identified as legitimate while malicious traffic is scrubbed (traffic enters the scrubbing center). Customer must purchase an additional group of /24 IP, 256 IP.

  • Always-on Protection Plan
  • On-Demand Protection Plan
On Attack
Both Plans

When a DDoS attack is detected, illegitimate traffic will automatically be scrubbed in our cleaning center. The entire process of filtering the attack traffic and rerouting traffic occurs without your visitors noticing.

DataPlugs Anti-DDoS Plans

 Always-On Protection PlanOn-Demand Protection Plan
Estimated Lead Time05 - 10 Minute
LatencyFor Direct China Routes only--
Free Domain11
Custom tunningFollowing server / website traffic and riskFollowing server / website traffic and risk
Recommended forCan’t afford any downtimeRare attacks and China + HK traffic


1 Mbps clean inbound traffic

 Always-On Protection PlanOn-Demand Protection Plan
20Gbps ProtectionGet a quoteGet a quote
50Gbps Protection
Additional clean inbound traffic

DDoS Defense

Dataplugs Protection plan defends against different forms of attacks and delivers the most comprehensive DDoS protection


Implementing Barriers

Implementing barriers and absorbs attacks by scaling in order to prevent attackers from disabling access to customers’ services or applications


Best DDoS Protection

Dataplugs protects Internet-facing infrastructures against the known types of DDoS attacks at the network, transport and application layers


Protection for Individual IP Addresses

Divert abnormal IP traffic to the cleaning center for the cleaning in case of anomalies


24x7 Website Protection

Our response team is available 24×7 to stop all DDoS attacks as fast as possible. Our service experts have vast knowledge and experience with network attacks


High Scalability

The service package is upgradable at any time depending on the scale of the DDoS attack


Security Cooperation

Dataplugs protects services using collective knowledge about security threats, which includes new and emerging DDoS attack methods


Cost Saving

Once traffic has been re-routed through our DDoS mitigation network, DDoS attackers abandons their attacks since they do not have the capacity to overcome our DDoS protection


Easy & User Friendly

Provides integrated application and network security and security tool management, multi-layered security architecture and DDoS attack prevention

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