Firewall Protection

Prevent against cyber attacks from adding
Brute Force Attack Prevention / FortiGate Firewalls

Firewall Protection
Prevent against cyber attacks from adding Brute Force Attack Prevention / FortiGate Firewalls

What is a Brute Force Attack?

A brute force attack is a trial-and-error attack using a repetitive method to obtain information such as a username and password or personal identification number (PIN), until it gets in. An automated software is used to generate a large number of consecutive guesses and may be used by criminals to crack encrypted data or by security analysts to test an organization’s network security.

Dataplugs Brute Force Attack Prevention

Your confidential information is not as safe as you think due to the threat of Brute Force Attack, attackers from the internet will attempt the following ways to access your data:

Dictionary-based attack – Attackers use social engineering to establish cracking dictionaries that contain usernames and passwords to improve attack efficiency.

Exhaustion attack – Possible account and password combinations will be list by attackers and they pair the combinations one by one according to password length ranging of numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters. But this method demand high-performance cracking algorithms and CPU/GPU.

Combined attack – This method involves a combination of dictionary-based attack and an exhaustion attack.

For the user, the longer time left for the attacker, the higher chance of combining the correct username and password. Therefore, how to identify and detect Brute Force Attacks in a short time is very important.

How Dataplugs can secure you from Brute Force Attack?

Brute Force Attack ProtectionLimit the number of allowed login attempts using normal login form or Auth Cookies
Brute Force Attack ProtectionDelay execution after a failed login attempt (to slow down brute force attack)
Brute Force Attack ProtectionOption to email the administrator when an IP has been blocked
Brute Force Attack ProtectionManually block/unblock and whitelist trusted IP addresses
Brute Force Attack ProtectionOption to inform user about remaining attempts on login page
Brute Force Attack ProtectionShow a custom message to blocked users

FortiGate Firewalls

FortiGate firewalls provide comprehensive security and networking while saving IT resources with its built-in controllers, single-pane-of-glass management and scalability. The Fortigate 100D and 200B series firewalls are powered by security processors and deliver high firewall throughput plus multiple, integrated 1 GE ports. This combination of performance, port density, and consolidated security is an ideal platform for SME but also larger businesses.

fortinet firewall

Consolidated platform for all security and networking services

The firewalls provide a truly consolidated platform with one OS for all security and networking services for all FortiGate platforms. This reduces operating expenses and save time with a truly consolidated next generation security platform. With this, we can control thousands of applications, block the latest exploits, and filter web traffic based on millions of real-time URL ratings.

Detect, contain and block advanced attacks automatically in minutes with integrated advanced threat protection framework. To solve networking needs with extensive routing, switching, WiFi, LAN and WAN capabilities, and to activate all the SPU-boosted capabilities you need on the fastest firewall platform available.

Scalable & efficient firewalls

Dataplugs have chosen FortiGate firewalls thanks to its intelligent and effective network security. Our services include application and user-identity awareness, content security with integrated intrusion prevention, antivirus, and web filtering, SSL encryption/decryption and advanced threat detection and remediation. Users can enjoy the unique combination of the most advanced threat intelligence services grouping by performance and scalability.