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Keep your identity private

ID Protection & Domain Privacy

Keep your company or
personal information private

Dataplugs domain privacy protection will show our company information, securely hide the customer’s real personal or business information, prevent the customer identity was stolen and reduce the spam mail and fraud messages receiving. Also, prevent hackers control your domain name easily.

HKD $99 / Year / Domain

Unprotected Whois

Your Company Name
Your Name
Room 333, 33/F,
133 Your Street,
Your District,
Your Country
(123) 1234 -5678

Protected Whois

Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Whois Agent
Po Box 639
Kirkland, WA, 98083
United States of America


Keep your safety and protects your privacy

Your private contact information is hidden from the public so your privacy will be assured given that the domain contact details placed in the WHOIS record will be in no way traceable to you


Receive relevant emails

We will apply a special cloaking email address that will forward any legitimate emails sent to it to your inbox


Prevent and blocks Spam

Your contact details are kept out of the hands of spammers, so your mailbox is protected from unwanted email


Complies with ICANN, under your control

We follow rules set out by ICANN, it won’t be your own details directly attributed to the domain on WHOIS but you will always be the legal owner and remain in control


  • Due to registry restrictions, ID protection cannot be used with, .hk,,, .cn, .asia, .bz, .uk,,, .de, .eu, .in, .sg,, .us, .es,,, or domains.
  • Remember to remove ID protection before transferring your domain to another registrar, as they will need your information at the time of transfer.

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