Domain Privacy Protection

Protect Your Personal Information with Anonymous Domain Registration
HK$99 / Year / Domain

Domain Privacy Protection

Protect Your Personal Information with Anonymous Domain Registration
HK$99 / Year / Domain

Hide Your Confidential Information From The WHOIS


When you register a domain name, ICANN requires that your contact details be made visible in a public WHOIS database. This allows anyone to access your name, address, email, and phone number. Dataplugs domain privacy protection mask your personal information with our company information in WHOIS. Your personal information can stay private while you maintain complete ownership and control of your domain.

hosting iconProtect Your Personal Information

Your private information is hidden from the public in the WHOIS record, protecting you against the risk of identity theft and domain name hijacking.

email iconReceive Relevant Emails

A proxy email address will be displayed in the WHOIS database. Legitimate emails that sent to this address will be forwarded to you, drastically reducing the amount of spam in your inbox.

hosting iconMinimize Spam

Your contact details are kept out of the hands of spammers, cutting down the likelihood of phishing emails and unsolicited marketing outreach.

hosting iconComply with ICANN and Retain Complete Control

We follow rules set out by ICANN. You can keep your anonymity as well as retain full ownership and control of your domain names.

How Domain Privacy Works

Without Domain Privacy

Your real name
You real company name
Your real address
Your real phone
Your real email

With Domain Privacy

Domain Admin
Privacy Protect, LLC (
10 Corporate Drive, Burlington, MA01803, US

Get Domain Privacy Now
Just HK$99 / Year / Domain

For New Domains

If Domain Privacy is available for a domain name you want to register, you can add it to your domain order from your shopping cart. Domain Privacy will be activated automatically once your order is complete.

For Existing Domains

Log in to client area and click the Domain Privacy switch next to any eligible domain name you own. Go to your shopping cart to complete the order and activate Domain Privacy.

• Due to registry restrictions, Domain Privacy cannot be used with, .hk,,, .cn, .asia, .bz, .uk,,, .de, .eu, .in, .sg,, .us, .es,,, or domains.
• Remember to remove Domain Privacy before transferring your domain to another registrar, as they will need your information at the time of transfer.