The Differences Between a Shared Bandwidth and a Dedicated Bandwidth

The more the bandwidth, the faster the internet connection you will get. With the uprising of high bandwidth activities such as live streaming and online gaming nowadays, many internet service providers offer high bandwidth hosting services for customers. Surely people will be attracted by those high bandwidth plans at first sight. However, when you look closely to the plan details, you may find that certain plans may be offering shared bandwidth while some are offering dedicated bandwidth. Their price differences are huge, and we will explain how shared and dedicated bandwidth is different in this post.

A hosting plan with shared bandwidth means that your bandwidth is split among all users and devices. Download and upload speeds on a shared plan are “up to” a particular limit. The price is much cheaper than dedicated bandwidth. But there is no guarantee that you can get the maximum bandwidth that is advertised. The internet service providers just bank on the fact that not everyone will be uploading or downloading large files, streaming video or web conferencing at the same time. However, when there is a large number of other customers are using their connection at the same time as you, the internet connection speed will be slower. There may be congestion from time to time, and you are unable to perform a certain task until there is more bandwidth available. Overall, the bandwidth availability is not consistent if you are using shared bandwidth. It is usually recommended for individuals and small businesses with limited internet use. For enterprises and businesses that need a reliable, consistent internet connection to perform business critical operations, hosting plans with dedicated bandwidth will be a wise choice.

With dedicated bandwidth, your internet service provider will establish a private connection to you. The bandwidth you purchased is solely for your own use. You can get all the bandwidth that is advertised and paid for. Your connection speed is not affected by other users like shared bandwidth does. Thus, it is more reliable and consistent. It is especially useful for users that have high demand in bandwidth and the ones that need to perform mission-critical operations. However, hosting plans with dedicated bandwidth is more expensive than that with shared bandwidth because you have to bear the entire cost of the connection. So, whether you choose a hosting plan with shared bandwidth or dedicated bandwidth really depends on your needs and costs. The difference between dedicated and shared bandwidth is not how data is transmitted over the Internet, but rather how the bandwidth is distributed.

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