What are the benefits of opening an online store?

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Although COVID-19 epidemic has gradually stabilized, many SMEs have been hit, and according to the latest government data, as of June 2020, the unemployment rate in Hong Kong is 5.9%, far exceeding that in 2008 financial crisis. Among them, the retail industry has been facing the hardest hit. So, how can it regain its vitality under the epidemic and start again for the retail industry? Dataplugs believes that starting an online store(E-Commerce) will be the first step in anchoring.


What are the benefits of opening an online store?

  1. More cost-effective than offline stores
    Nowadays, setting up an online store is very convenient. A mature online store can be set up and put into use within a short period of time. You only need to pay hosting fee for web hosting monthly without other fixed expenses. Compared with the pressure of renting a physical store, there is no doubt that online store can reduce a lot pressure. In addition, the online shop does not require too much manpower in the initial stage, and often only needs one or two people to operate the store well. The increase in manpower can be expanded as the business scale increases in the later period.
  2. Open up new sources for getting customers
    Since offline store is operated at a identical place all along, reach rate to different types of customer is relatively narrow, and it can only serve customers of a fixed community in neighborhood probably. However, transferring to online store platform broke through the geographical restrictions, and consumers from all over the world and they can be your potential and targeted customers.
  3. Open 24/7
    An online store often has a mature background configuration. It is very convenient for customers from browsing goods to paying orders in any time of the day. Consumers can log in and shopping on the online store which greatly enhances the opportunities for business transactions.

What solutions can Dataplugs provide for you to start an online store?

  1. eCommerce Hosting –  Ultra-Fast SSD Powered Web Hosting for Online Stores to bring a pleasant shopping experience to online stores
    Our eCommerce Hosting service solution supports many commonly used e-commerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop. Our server adopts enterprise level SSD, which can speed up the loading time of the website, make user experience smoother, and increase the conversion rate and sales volume of the online store. The solution includes high-speed bandwidth directly connected to China, making the connection between the server and mainland China faster and more stable, especially suitable for e-commerce websites targeting customers from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Southeast Asia.
  2. SSL certificate- enhance website security, Encrypt data and improve website security
    SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer Certificate) is an electronic certificate that authenticates the identity of a website, proving that the website meets the network security protocol, and uses SSL technology to encrypt browser information and data before sending it to the server to ensure the transmission of data safety and integrity, reducing the risk of data leakage. Provide the best protection for your e-commerce website.
  3. Dedicated server-powerful and flexible options
    For customers who already have online store operation experience, I believe that they must be looking for servers with higher configuration and performance, and Dataplugs is launching multiple server discount offers this summer, including iCore series server and high-end E5 servers, click To learn more.
  4. Need to know more about online store solutions?
    Feel free to contact us by phone at +852 3959 1888 or email if you want to learn more about our server plans.