What is HTTPS & It should be enabled on your website

Web Security

What is HTTPS and why do you need it?

HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol. It allows communication between different systems. Most commonly, it is used for transferring data from a server to a browser to view web pages. HTTP data is not encrypted and it can be intercepted by third parties to gather data being passed between the two systems.

This can be addressed by using a secure version called HTTPS, hypertext transfer protocol secure. It involves the use of an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate which creates a secure encrypted connection between the web server and the web browser.

HTTPS is especially important for sites where sensitive data is passed across the connection, such as E-commerce websites that accept credit card payments, or client area that require users to enter their passwords or identities.


Benefits of HTTPS

  • Protect Your Customer information: Customer information, like credit card numbers, is encrypted and cannot be intercepted
  • Brand Trust: Visitors can verify you are a registered business and that you own the domain, and they are more likely to trust and complete purchases from sites that use HTTPS
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): HTTPS helps SEO by improving your site’s ranking in search engine results. Security is a top priority for Google, and they promote HTTPS because it helps online businesses stay secure.


HTTPS is the future, encrypt your website by SSL certificate now!