What Is the Difference Between Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated Server

It is important to evaluate different factors before choosing the hosting server for your business. We understand that you may have been struggled in deciding which one is the better solution among virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. Herewith the answer for helping you to make a good decision:

First of all, what are HKVPS and dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a physical server that are rented or purchased by user and its operation is under full power performance since it takes entire resources of the server independently. A VPS is the utilization of software to separate physical server into several virtual servers virtually. It is functionally equivalent to a hk dedicated server – each VPS can be assigned a separate public IP address, able to install its own operating system, enjoy its independent storage space, RAM, CPU resource; and it is easy to create and configure.

Although VPS are very similar to dedicated server, there are still some major differences between them, as listed below:

Migration convenience

VPS is relatively convenient to migrate since all files can be packaged and compressed virtually, includes configuration file, which can be transferred and applied to a new platform easily without any modification.

Dedicated Servers is relatively hard to migrate since the migration can only be processed by moving server rack and relocating server hardware physically, which is time consuming.


VPS is a relatively cheaper solution than dedicated server since its charged fee mainly depends on how many portion of a physical server’s resource has been allocated to the VPS. The more allocated resources, the higher the expenses.

The cost of dedicated servers is high since it occupies the entire server resources on itself. The price depends on physical server configuration. Also, IT technical staff are needed for server maintenance, patches and upgrades, which are extra costs beyond renting or purchasing a server.


VPS is highly secured because it is virtually isolated through software. Yet it also faces collectively security risk while it is sharing the identical physical hardware with other VPSs, when one of VPSs is under attack like a distributed denial of service (DDoS) and causes server crashing, other VPSs are likely to get into trouble too.

Dedicated Server is physically isolated and relatively safer than VPS. With only a single client on the server, it is unlikely influenced when other servers are facing attack.


There is a maximum number of VPSs that a physical server can accommodate. Allocated resources are hence limited by service provider, which cause performance of VPS descending when it consumes excessive resources.

Performance level of dedicated server is determined by the user and it is able to operate under optimum performance of the physical server and it mainly depends on hardware setups such as number of processors and HDD/SSD storage.


VPS is easily scalable without downtime needed, resources of VPS can be scaled because they do not require extra resources to optimize their websites. When there is a predictable rising traffic, webmaster can increase server capacity easily or move from small VPS to a larger one.

Dedicated server needs downtime if any upgrade takes place in the physical server’s hardware and software, like extra bandwidth usage, ram, IP address and hardware disk storage.


In conclusion, certain differences exist in between VPS and dedicated server although they share similar features. In order to meet different business scale’s demand, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your business but only with the suitable one.

In the purpose of making good use of money, VPS is more suitable for small and medium sized business which have predictable traffic websites like business blog and business official website.

For dedicated servers, it is more suitable for medium and large sized business. The optimum performance of the server allows high load web application and massive traffic like e-commerce platform operating smoothly and providing the best experience for their visitors.

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