What is Virtual Private Server? How does VPS work?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is offered as a kind of Internet hosting service. It has its own operation system (OS). Customers may have superuser access to the OS and download most software. It is functionally similar to, but much more economical than a Dedicated Server. However, its performance may be lower as the underlying physical hardware is shared among the customers. The heavier workload it has, the lower performance it offers. 


VPS vs Shared Hosting

Similar to shared hosting, the Virtual Private Server aims at cutting hardware costs by grouping customers in a single machine. However, it offers higher flexibility than shared hosting. Each VPS user is able to run its own operation systems and customize software configuration, independent of the other users within the same physical server. While shared hosting users do not have root access to the server, OS and software customization is impossible.


VPS vs Dedicated Server

Dedicated server users can utilize 100% of resources that the server can provide. It is much more powerful and secure than a Virtual Private Server. However, the cost and technical knowledge required is considerably higher. For businesses that don’t need all the power of a dedicated server, VPS will be a cheaper alternative.


VPS Hosting

This hosting has been popular as it is more economical than dedicated hosting. Users enjoy freedom to install software. It is commonly used by game makers, programmers and companies. Customers can access their settings anywhere with allocated bandwidth and storage, so the performance can be maintained. A Virtual Private Server is used in multiple businesses, such as hosting websites, storing files, hosting email, managing databases, offering cloud-based services and delivering virtual workstations to remote employees. In order to better utilize dedicated server resources while keeping company data secured, some enterprises opt for a dedicated server to build their own VPS for different projects and/or departments.


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