Why Do You Need a Dedicated IP Address

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IP address is short for Internet Protocol address. It is a sequence of numbers assigned to every device that accesses the Internet. It identifies the location of a specific server that’s connected to the internet. While shared IP address is a single IP address that is used of all the websites on a single server, a dedicated IP is an exclusive address that is unique to your hosted server.

Reasons for Using a Dedicated IP Address

If you have a high traffic website, you should have a dedicated IP to improve your overall website performance. Using shared IP address with multiple websites tends to affect your website loading time because the server has to sort through which website loads. In contrast, a dedicated IP address enables you to have a direct connection to the server without interference. It will stabilize the loading speed of your site and lower the chances of the site crashing under the request pressure. Your webpages will load faster, and the conversion would be better. Moreover, if one site comes under attack, all the other sites that are sharing the same IP address will become vulnerable. So, it is best to avoid the risk by using a dedicated IP.

By using a dedicated IP address, you can get a higher level of server control. There are many functions that can be enabled only on dedicated IP but not on shared IP, such as Anonymous FTP which allows you to use FTP programs for accessing files from your site. You can also use a dedicated IP address to host your own SSL certificate and protect your sensitive information such as credit card information, usernames, passwords, etc. Moreover, you can access your site directly from an IP address even before you have acquired a domain name, given you have a dedicated IP. With a shared IP address, it is not possible to view or edit your website from a browser.

If you are using a domain-branded email address to send business emails via your host, you should consider using a dedicated IP address as well. If you are sharing the same IP address with other sites that are banned or classified as spammers, it will affect your email capabilities and even the send and deliverability rates of your email. Your emails may end up in the spam folder. A dedicated IP address can protect both your email and website’s reputation by isolating your website and associated email from any other website. It will improve your email deliverability.

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