Why Do You Need Email Hosting

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Email hosting is a service that allows you to send, store, and receive emails on the server. Unlike free email services like Gmail and Yahoo, you can set up an email address that incorporates your domain name such as sales@yourdomainname.com. Customized email address gives you stronger brand identity and credibility. And with email hosting, you can enjoy better email security, more storage space, guaranteed uptime and other useful features that are not provided by the free email services. When your business starts growing, free email services might not be enough to fulfil your needs. In that case, you should consider paid email hosting services.


Stronger Brand Identity and Credibility

Email hosting enables you to customize your email address. An email address using your domain name is unique and memorable. As long as people know your domain name, they can remember your email address easily. It helps you build a solid brand identity. It also looks more professional and trustworthy that your audience will consider you a legitimate business and enhance credibility. When you send emails to your customers, they are more likely to open the email if it is using your domain name. They can trust that the emails do come from you, instead of those Gmail that can be from anyone. For email addresses that are provided by your internet providers such as @comcast.net, you can’t take them with you when you switch providers. However, your customized email address will remain the same even if you switch to another email hosting provider.


Boosts Email Security

Email hosting keeps your sensitive data safe and protected. Professional email servers are equipped with industry-standard encryption. It ensures that data sent from/to the server is encrypted and an unauthorized party cannot access it. At Dataplugs, we provide 256-bit email encryption, which gives you an added layer of security when sending sensitive information over emails, minimizing the risk of data breaches, or theft. We also allow secure access to desktop email clients via POP3 or IMAP. Apart from webmail, you can use popular mail clients such as Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.


Avoid Spams and Viruses

Spam, malicious email and virus attacks are common nowadays. Professional email hosting service offers virus and spam filtering features. It blocks damaging email from getting into the inbox and helps reduce Inbox spam dramatically.


More Storage Space

Email hosting service provides more storage space than free email does. You can choose a different plan to ensure you get adequate storage space for all of your emails. When your business grows from time to time, email communication may become more frequent. Make sure your email hosting provider allows you to upgrade for additional storage space whenever you need.


Guaranteed Uptime

To communicate in a quick and timely manner, it is important to have at least 99% uptime from your email hosting provider. Paid email hosting services offer uptime guarantee. At Dataplugs, we provide 99.9% uptime guarantee. If you regularly send and receive email from customers that require immediate attention, having a good uptime is of utmost importance.


Email Forwarding

A domain name-based email allows you to arrange email aliases, or email forwarders, such as info@yourdomainname.com. You can create an email address for each purpose or department that you have. Then use the email redirect to forward an email to a specific person or multiple contacts, ensuring prompt communication without delay.

It’s more typical for hosting providers to offer bundled emails and web hosting packages these days. At Dataplugs, you can enjoy the above email hosting benefits and features with our web hosting packages. Feel free to call us at +852 3959 1888 or email to sales@dataplugs.com to learn more about our email and web hosting plans.