Why Do You Need High Bandwidth

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As technology evolves, the demand for bandwidth is getting higher and higher. Cloud, live streaming, big data, autonomous vehicle and more unexpected but innovative technology are coming for redefining your experience of technology. Behind all these advancements, networking is a critical component to boost to a much higher level. 1Gbps dedicated bandwidth is no longer far-fetched in the existing digital generation. There are numerous high bandwidth applications. Below are a few of them.

  • Higher Quality Video Streaming

High quality video streaming has generated high demand in bandwidth. 4K videos are already available on YouTube. Sky, BT and Netflix have announced they will be offering 4K content this year. By the coming technology of 8K UHD and glasses-free 3D, the bandwidth requirement will be further pushed to another level. Nobody likes buffering. Your network conditions play a vital part in how the media is streamed. It can imagine that for the next five years, the 1Gbps or even higher bandwidth will become the huge demand for people to feed through to most user-generated video content streamed and broadcast.

  • Cloud Gaming

Recently, Google built a virtual stadium for the future of games that can be played anywhere. Instead of an expensive gaming PC or a dedicated game console, you will just need to access Google’s Chrome browser for playing online game instantly. It’s an intelligent vision for the entire gaming industry.

As more photo-realistic games (4K) are launched in the mobile game market, game companies need to upgrade to more powerful dedicated servers and higher bandwidth to support such a huge volume of data transmission.

  • Self-driving Cars

The autonomous vehicle can sense their environment and navigation without human intervention. It is actually a mobile computer with artificial intelligence, which combines maps, radar, computer vision technologies, GPS, and sensors. Advanced control systems convert sensory data into appropriate navigational roads, as well as obstacles and related signs. Earlier studies indicated that an autonomous car produced 1Gbps of data while driving on the road. This “mobile computing” is required to combine with high storage capacity of dedicated server and hyper-speed of connectivity for analyzing and instant reaction. It’s definitely a big data machine.

Why Do You Need High Dedicated Bandwidth

The dedicated bandwidth can transfer its data to the destination through the exclusive channel from the dedicated server. Unlike the shared bandwidth, the cost may be more reasonable, but the business also needs to bear the risk that the speed restricts into the shared package if the traffic is heavy. Therefore, the more dedicated bandwidth you have, the more connections can be made.

If you have too little bandwidth, it might cause higher ping due to a slower transfer. If other traffic is currently using 100% of the available bandwidth (and some traffic is in buffers awaiting transmission on the network), it is highly likely that the ping packet will be delayed quite a bit. This will result in an unusually delayed ping response which is reported to the user. In some cases, when the intermediate switches/routers encounter the congestion, the buffer management policy may drop packets. Therefore, the ping packet would be lost.

1Gbps or even higher dedicated bandwidth tends to have a lower level of latency and packet loss, which will improve user experience in high traffic activities such as online gaming, big data transmission and video conferencing.

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