How to transfer a domain into Dataplugs

For domain transfer, there are a few more steps, you need to make sure you have done through the current registrar to complete the domain transfer process.

  • Get the authorization code (EPP code) from the current registrar.
  • Disable WHOIS domain privacy
  • The registered domain name must be registered for at least 60 days
  • Disable the registrar lock
  • Make sure you can access to your contact email address

: Nameserver updates may take 12-48 hours to fully propagate across the Internet.

    1. Login to Customer control panel.

    1. Select “Transfer Domain to Us” under “Domains” at the left side menu.

    1. Enter the domain name with valid authorization code that you want to transfer to Dataplugs, then click “Add to Cart”

    1. Check if you want to add WHOIS domain privacy addon service for the domain, then click “Continue”

    1. Confirm the order and click “Checkout”