Dedicated Gaming Server: Take Control of Your Gameplay

Dedicated Server
In the world of online gaming, having a dedicated game server can be a game-changer. While public servers may work for casual play, hosting your server offers a level of stability, customization, and control that public options simply can’t match.
The Advantages of a Dedicated Server
Public multiplayer gaming often relies on client servers run by the game publisher or peer-to-peer (P2P) hosting. Both approaches have drawbacks – client servers lack customization, while P2P is dependent on the host’s connection quality. But with a dedicated server, you can tailor the experience to your preferences and ensure smoother, less laggy gameplay for you and your friends.
Building the Right Hardware
When setting up a dedicated server, you’ll want a system that can handle the demands of modern multiplayer titles. Recommended specifications include:
  • 64-bit Windows or Linux operating system
  • Solid-state drive (SSD) for faster performance
  • Minimum 8GB RAM, with 16GB or more being optimal
  • Quad-core Intel CPU with at least 2.5GHz clock speed
Streamlining Setup with Steam
Many popular PC games use Steam as the foundation for their dedicated server functionality. The Steam Developer Wiki provides a helpful list of supported titles and step-by-step guides for getting your server up and running. You can leverage the full Steam client or the more lightweight SteamCMD command-line tool.
Beyond Steam: Setting Up Non-Steam Servers
Not every game relies on Steam for dedicated server support. Minecraft, for example, uses its own proprietary server software. The process for these games may differ, but the end result is the same – you gain full control over your multiplayer experience.
Unlocking Your Gaming Potential
Hosting your own dedicated server opens up a world of possibilities. You can fine-tune settings, integrate mods, and create custom game modes to truly make the experience your own. And by removing the reliance on public infrastructures, you’ll enjoy a more stable, responsive, and secure gameplay environment.Whether you’re a casual gamer looking to play with friends or a competitive player seeking to host your own tournaments, a dedicated server is a powerful tool for taking your online gaming to new heights. Call us at +852 3959 1888 or email to to learn more about our dedicated gaming server plans.